Monday, May 15, 2006

Wedding Gift Ideas...

We have thought long and hard about the issue of receiving wedding gifts and have finally decided not to register for gifts because we feel so blessed to have so much already. Your presence with us for our wedding celebration, and even just knowing that we can count on your prayers and support are the most blessed gifts that we could receive. However, we do understand that some of you may feel that you best show your love through the act of giving. For that reason we have decided to direct people toward the Kiva organization at By purchasing a gift card in our name through this amazing organization, a loan will be made to a small business in the developing world, helping the world's working poor make strides toward economic independence. And as the loan is repaid, we will receive the money to help us realize God's plan for our family. And so in giving this gift, the blessing is mulitiplied beyond measure. We also would love to encourage you to channel your gift-giving desires into homemade, heartspun creations. We cherish the stories and the heritage of our friends and family and would love anything from pictures, to letters, to stories, to whatever you feel could serve as a reminder of your constant support for us in our daily lives.


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